Nadja Michael’s performance of Médée is making operatic history

” …The marvellous actress and singer Nadja Michael’s dramatic soprano masters the musically immensely difficult role, which is still attributed to the great Callas, in a contemporary way – as fascinatingly as the famous Greek diva. With her vocal means ranging from screams to smoky, whispered, lascivious chansonettes, from adorable allure to thunderous threat, Ms Michael succeeds in creating a portrait of a woman which unites all human contradictions, abysses, and dependences, resulting in a mythical vision, a male projection of anxiety like Lulu. Who would have thought that there still exists someone who can hold a candle to the likes of Magda Oliviero, Leyla Gencer, or Leonie Rysanek. Nadja Michael carries on their legacy… “, 12.12

” …Nadja Michael is the singer-actress of our time… “
OPERA Magazin, 03.13