Suggestive visions of Mariusz Treliński and the astonishing Nadja Michael are Bluebeard’s merits at the National Opera.
” …Mariusz Treliński directs both protagonists very precisely, but a major part of the success is due to Nadja Michael. The German artist with a grand, noble voice creates the character of a compliant woman. Judith submits to her husband, sensing that she will be his next victim. The tension becomes almost intolerable as she grows progressively more and more afraid…”
Jacek Marczyński,, 12.13

” …Most recently, we could witness Nadja Michael in “Macbeth” at the Bayerische Staatsoper and her incredible, clear, and expressive voice, together with her sensational performance, made a deep impression on us…
Nadja Michael’s fantastic interpretation of Judith has created a great, impressive character on stage. Her grand voice, full of expressiveness, moves the audience. With her tremendous intuition for performing on stage, taking one’s eyes off her is almost impossible. She has created the character or a strong, determined woman who knows what she wants. At the same time, however, she exudes a certain frailty, anxiety, and insecurity. It is apparent that Nadja Michael is used to singing in grand opera houses around the world. She is not afraid of the considerable size of the stage in the Warsaw Opera, and her voice can be heard throughout fully and clearly across the orchestra… “, 12.13