Michael’s MET Opera debut was the chief attraction of the company’s … „Macbeth“.

“ …The slim, glamorous soprano Nadja Michael certainly didn’t look ugly, dressed first in a slinky white nightgown and then a striking red dress for the banquet scene … She had volume and power … and she was dramatically convincing. Her facial expressions and movements conveyed the essence of this creepy, manipulative and ultimately deranged character … She managed to sing her sleepwalking scene while walking precariously over a row of chairs placed in front of her by the witches… „
Vivian Schweitzer, New York Times, 03.2012

“ …The intensity of the opera is maintained through the strong performance … and a striking Met debut by German soprano Nadja Michael as Lady Macbeth. Michael certainly looked terrific, whether wearing a white nightgown or a skintight red dress. Her singing was also a standout; … her voice soared over the orchestra and fit the character’s steely resolve… „
Barry Bassis, The Epoch Times, 23.03.2012

“ …Michael was a smoldering Lady Macbeth in a nightgown, slinky dresses and dark pantsuit. With facial contortions and jerky mannerisms as she slithered around, Michael conveyed her character’s vile lust for power and contempt of vulnerability. With long, thin arms and legs, an expressive face and graceful movement, Nadja Michael commands the stage in a manner few sopranos do … it was an exciting, vibrant performance, and she drew a large ovation during curtain calls… „
Ronald Blum, Associated Press, 16.03.2012

“ …the propulsive clarity Michael exhibited throughout the production, culminating in her final aria where mania devolves into madness, was riveting. Slim and stylish in Mark Thompson’s gowns (and more than once clad only in a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof-like slip) and with long blonde hair often flowing, Michael was also sex incarnate. Her libidinous attack, which resulted in a deep swoon at the end of one smooch – and Hampson’s equally heated response – silently shouted „chemistry.“ Even Michael’s curtain call, where she bent at the waist and held the doubled-in-half pose, was wow-worthy… „
David Finkle, Theatermania.com, 16.03.2012